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Caster Cups

Piano Caster Cups - Quality Hardwoods & Composites

Caster cups protect your hardwood or tile floors from cracking, scuffing and denting, and they protect your carpets and carpet pads from being crushed and deformed by the massive weight of your piano pushing down on the casters. Without caster cups, all of the weight of your piano is focused to just the bottom of the caster wheels, which is a very small surface area (imagine being stepped on by spiked heels). With caster cups, that weight is distributed to a much larger surface area (imagine a flat-soled sneaker - much less painful).

Also, caster cups can protect the piano: A grand piano with high quality casters on a hard surface can sometimes roll quite easily, and someone leaning on your piano could send it right into the wall or nearest window. The caster cups will prevent the piano from rolling unintentionally.

Caster cups are NOT designed to make your piano easier to move. Please do not try to slide your piano along a floor, using the caster cups as "furniture glides." You could cause damage to your piano, the floor, the caster cups, or yourself.

How to choose the right caster cups for your piano...
Size: The weight of your piano and the width of the metal casters dictate how large a caster cup you need. A concert (9') or semi-concert (7'+) grand with dual casters or very wide casters should have a larger diameter caster cup in order to fit the larger casters. The larger diameter caster cup will also result in less force per area (pounds per square inch) being applied to your flooring. For smaller and lighter pianos, a very large caster cup is not needed and will actually look "out of place" if paired with very small casters. Always measure the width of the caster wheels before deciding on your caster cups.
Material: Plastic caster cups are okay for a utility situation in which aesthetics are not the priority (a school practice room, for example). But if you have a fine grand piano with a beautiful finish, plastic would not be appropriate. A nice wood caster cup for will compliment the finish of the piano or surrounding furniture. Our wood caster cups come in various wood finish colors, and some of them can be purchased unfinished so that you can have them finished to perfectly match your piano. Lucite caster cups are incredibly durable, and they have a much nicer finish and appearance than the regular plastic caster cups. Lucite is a super dense composite material that is incredibly hard to deform or break. The black Lucite caster cups are a good choice for gloss ebony pianos with medium to small casters, because the glossy finish of the Lucite is not much different in appearance to black polished polyester finish. The clear Lucite may look appropriate with modern decor.