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Piano Cleaning

Piano Care and Cleaning Products

Dust, polish and protect your piano with the very finest piano cleaning products from Pianogoods (made by Cory, Jansen and others). Some things you should know about keeping your piano clean:

When using sprays or cleaning solutions, never spray the piano directly: Always spray the cleaning cloth with the product, in a direction away from the piano. Then use the cloth to apply the cleaning product to the piano. It's very important to avoid getting cleaning solutions in places not intended, such as the strings, tuning pins, and action.

For grand pianos, the best things you can do to protect your piano and keep it clean is to invest in a wool felt string cover. We cannot stress enough how effective a string cover is keeping your strings, soundboard, plate, tuning pins and action parts from developing a film of dust, dirt and grime. After a few years, that film will become permanent and you will never be able to remove it! String covers are custom made to order for each piano model. Please email us with your piano make and model, and we will provide pricing and color options.